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Niceroker Cute Ladybug Bell Ladybird Alarm Bike Metal Handlebar Horn (Blue) – Bike Gear & Cycling Equipment

A great number of cycling fans spend a great of money buying cycling equipment for their riding. However, they gradually realize that only those which are most suitable for themselves are the best, thus their choice and purchase for the cycling equipment become more and more rational and they start to focus on the cycling enjoyment. According to the recommendation of many cyclists, I would like to introduce a cost-effective cycling equipment for you.


Information about Niceroker Cute Ladybug Bell Ladybird Alarm Bike Metal Handlebar Horn (Blue)

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product title Niceroker Cute Ladybug Bell Ladybird Alarm Bike Metal Handlebar Horn (Blue)
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  • Cute and fashionable, great for your kids.
  • Press the antenna to open the wings.
  • Material: Metal and plastic.
  • Size: 8x5x5cm.
  • Wonderful gift for you and your female friends

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Niceroker Cute Ladybug Bell Ladybird Alarm Bike Metal Handlebar Horn (Blue)



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How I wash my mountain bikes

How to choose a cycling helmet?

1.Material — good at the density
Helmets are always made of foam material (of common or high density, and the difference exists in the anti-collision effect) and possessed with smooth surface.

How to choose a cycling helmet?

2.Weight — light
Anything put on the head cannot be too heavy — this is the reason why the material of cycling helmets isn’t the alloy. Most of the helmets’ weight is between 9 and 16 ounces, which is just a pound and even lighter! Attention: cheap helmets are always heavy.

choose a cycling helmet

3.Inner shirt — Washable
With the washable corduroy fabric or the antimicrobial pad added on your helmet, your helmet will keep clean and you will have a sense of coziness and freshness. A well-made helmet’s inner shirt has a wide coverage and a better texture, the interior of the helmet is also firmly glued. The velcro behind the inner shirt is convenient for washing, you soak your inner shirt into the water which was added with laundry detergent or detergent for several minutes, and then rub it slightly by your hands, rinse it with clean water and dry it, everything is OK then.

best cycling helmet

4.The comfort of wearing helmets — adjust your head circumference
In general, wearing cheap helmets is not a good choice for you to feel comfortable. It’s imperative to choose a suitable one in your cycling journey, besides, you can buy helmets in bike’s stores, where you are able to select in small, medium, large and also extensive size. If you want to purchase cheap ones, I’m afraid you may as well consider those in average size. You know, with a comfortable helmet in your riding journey, it will not only reduce the oppression from your neck and head to a large extent but also protect you from being struck to the maximum degree.

best cycling helmet

5.Air permeability — makes you feel dry
When you are in a long-distance riding journey, wearing a helmet is a sensible decision for you to keep your head dry. With more air vents on the helmets, more airflows gather above your helmets, thus you’ll feel cooler and more comfortable. Due to few vents, you’ll feel hotter if you wear cheap helmets. However, you’d better bear in mind one truth that with more vents on your helmets, the more you expose your head, thus no doubt that it will reduce the protection degree.
In hot weather days, you’d better wear antiperspirant band on your head, which will prevent sweats from dropping into your eyes. How about in cold weather days? We’d like to suggest that you’d better wear ear muffs or elastic and thin headscarf so as to keep warm inside. 

choose a cycling helmet

6.Category — to meet the need of biking
The half helmet can be divided into road bike helmet (no brim), mountain and road bike dual-purpose helmet (with removable hat). Some riders also use helmets that are like helmets for baseball or skating. Full face helmet is similar to the motorcycle helmet and is usually used by bike-trial enthusiasts. Hence, the category you choose also determines the prize of the helmet to some extent.

choose a cycling helmet

7.Design taste — human
There are various types of helmet. Some have plastic visors on the front to protect the eyes from sun and rain. Helmets with the brim can prevent the sun and with reflective signs can prevent mistakenly hit when riding at night. The more striking the color is at night, the easier it is for a car or other cyclist to see you.

choose a cycling helmet

Buy Niceroker Cute Ladybug Bell Ladybird Alarm Bike Metal Handlebar Horn (Blue) now to enjoy the happiness and health by cycling.
Common mistakes in cycling fitness
Resist the bowing posture
It’s said to sit properly and stand properly. Likewise, there are standard cycling postures. Incorrect riding postures not only affect the exercise effects but also bring about damages to the body. For example, cycling with the legs outward and bowing are both incorrect postures.
The right posture: the body slightly leans forward with two arms straight and abdomen contracted, using abdominal breathing method. Keep two legs parallel to the crossbeam and car cross-beam, coordinate knees and buttock joints and grasp the rhythm of riding.
Step, pull, lift and push properly.
The right way to pedal includes four continuous motions of stepping, pulling, lifting and pushing. Firstly you should step down, contract your calf backward, lift, and finally pushes forwards. This is exactly a pedaling circle. Such cadent pedalings not only save the energy but also help you to speed up.
Learn to “walk” first before learning to “run”
Many young cycling beginners are always so confident that they crave for long distance and fast speed before mastering the standard postures. Some even have cycled for 50 kilometers and pursue mere speed and strength though they have not cycled for a long distance. This kind of cycling damages the body much and may even induce serious water knees.
It is recommended that the beginners increase the amount of exercise after finding their own frequencies. One may pedal 60 to 80 times per minute in average. At least 20 minutes high-frequency warm-up at a slow speed is needed before the cycling so that the body can sweat slightly.

You must havequitea lot of equipment now, but prepare more changes of cycling jerseys which render you diversified cycling experience. Besides, it really prevents the embarrassment when your friends ask if you have had a bath or change your cloth today. What are you hesitating for? Buy it now!

How To Choose The Correct Size Of Road Bike Frame


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