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Benran Alloy Bicycle Bell Bike Toy Car Mini Bell Ring Handlebar Loud Horn for Kids’ Bike (Neon Punch) – Best Cycling Bike Gear & Cycling Equipment

As an amateur of bicycle riding, I strongly recommend that you cycle to the outskirts on the weekends, where has beautiful scenery, fresh air, and no noise. Because it not only can build up our strength but also makes us enjoy the happiness and peace of life in a relaxed and leisure journey. But I would like to remind you that the safety is the first place. Next, I will recommend a series of cheap but good equipment to you, which can actually make you cycling become safer and more interesting.


Information about Benran Alloy Bicycle Bell Bike Toy Car Mini Bell Ring Handlebar Loud Horn for Kids’ Bike (Neon Punch)

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product title Benran Alloy Bicycle Bell Bike Toy Car Mini Bell Ring Handlebar Loud Horn for Kids’ Bike (Neon Punch)
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Product Description

The Benran bicycle bells allows you to alert others that you are coming with the flick of a thumb. The easy to install mounting bracket is a breeze to put on your bike which fits most bicycle handlebars.


  • Simple handlebar attachment.
  • Material: Aluminum alloy and plastic.
  • Light and fashionable, suitable for all ages.
  • Easy to fix to bike, fits most bicycle handlebars. Awesome kids toy car decoration.
  • Alert others for safety with the flick of a thumb.

Additional Information




Neon Punch









Package Dimensions

Height: 240 hundredths-inches
Length: 490 hundredths-inches
Weight: 5 hundredths-pounds
Width: 360 hundredths-inches

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Benran Alloy Bicycle Bell Bike Toy Car Mini Bell Ring Handlebar Loud Horn for Kids’ Bike (Neon Punch)



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Top 15 Sexiest Female Cyclists

How to choose a cycling helmet?

1.Material — good at the density
Helmets are always made of foam material (of common or high density, and the difference exists in the anti-collision effect) and possessed with smooth surface.

How to choose a cycling helmet?

2.Weight — light
Anything put on the head cannot be too heavy — this is the reason why the material of cycling helmets isn’t the alloy. Most of the helmets’ weight is between 9 and 16 ounces, which is just a pound and even lighter! Attention: cheap helmets are always heavy.

choose a cycling helmet

3.Inner shirt — Washable
With the washable corduroy fabric or the antimicrobial pad added on your helmet, your helmet will keep clean and you will have a sense of coziness and freshness. A well-made helmet’s inner shirt has a wide coverage and a better texture, the interior of the helmet is also firmly glued. The velcro behind the inner shirt is convenient for washing, you soak your inner shirt into the water which was added with laundry detergent or detergent for several minutes, and then rub it slightly by your hands, rinse it with clean water and dry it, everything is OK then.

best cycling helmet

4.The comfort of wearing helmets — adjust your head circumference
In general, wearing cheap helmets is not a good choice for you to feel comfortable. It’s imperative to choose a suitable one in your cycling journey, besides, you can buy helmets in bike’s stores, where you are able to select in small, medium, large and also extensive size. If you want to purchase cheap ones, I’m afraid you may as well consider those in average size. You know, with a comfortable helmet in your riding journey, it will not only reduce the oppression from your neck and head to a large extent but also protect you from being struck to the maximum degree.

best cycling helmet

5.Air permeability — makes you feel dry
When you are in a long-distance riding journey, wearing a helmet is a sensible decision for you to keep your head dry. With more air vents on the helmets, more airflows gather above your helmets, thus you’ll feel cooler and more comfortable. Due to few vents, you’ll feel hotter if you wear cheap helmets. However, you’d better bear in mind one truth that with more vents on your helmets, the more you expose your head, thus no doubt that it will reduce the protection degree.
In hot weather days, you’d better wear antiperspirant band on your head, which will prevent sweats from dropping into your eyes. How about in cold weather days? We’d like to suggest that you’d better wear ear muffs or elastic and thin headscarf so as to keep warm inside. 

choose a cycling helmet

6.Category — to meet the need of biking
The half helmet can be divided into road bike helmet (no brim), mountain and road bike dual-purpose helmet (with removable hat). Some riders also use helmets that are like helmets for baseball or skating. Full face helmet is similar to the motorcycle helmet and is usually used by bike-trial enthusiasts. Hence, the category you choose also determines the prize of the helmet to some extent.

choose a cycling helmet

7.Design taste — human
There are various types of helmet. Some have plastic visors on the front to protect the eyes from sun and rain. Helmets with the brim can prevent the sun and with reflective signs can prevent mistakenly hit when riding at night. The more striking the color is at night, the easier it is for a car or other cyclist to see you.

choose a cycling helmet

Buy Benran Alloy Bicycle Bell Bike Toy Car Mini Bell Ring Handlebar Loud Horn for Kids’ Bike (Neon Punch) right now, let cycling bring more happiness and health to us
The measures in an emergency where you fall off the bicycle
The first: protect your collarbone to prevent you from fracture
Your collarbone cannot bear the pressure of pressing. On the whole, itworks as a rope which prevents your shoulder from drooping. When you fall off the bike, you unbend your arms to stop, which will make your collarbone fracture. Your arm will shift the power of falling down to your little collarbone, and it fractures like a stick of bread when being pressed. You don’t know that collarbone fracture can only be cured automaticallyby itself and there will be aninelegantbulge atthe front area of your shoulderuntil you have gone to the hospital and spent a lot of money.
The second: be careful is the best way out
Do you want to suffer from pain?You can try to let your foot leave the pedals and nip the top tube. When dashing against a tree trunk, your body will whirl with the handlebar and your feet will throw the bike to your back head. When you are sliding down a steep slope at high speed and out of control, clench front and rear brake,slide a pedal away (you’d better do it on the uphill side, make the center of gravity backwardand slip away the bike from the back of seat cushion). At this time, you can jump off the bike safely or lean your bike and slide with low profile until you are safe.

This product is the newest style of our company, and it is also very cheap. You can imagine that when you go out to participate in cycling activity next time, your new equipment draws attentions and admiration of the crowd. Cycling in it is an awesome scenery, presenting your identity and personality.

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