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Terry Bicycles Bella Knickers – Women’s Black/Pink, M – The Bike Gear & Cycling Equipment Every Beginner Cyclist Should Buy

Riding your loved bike with your several friends laughing and singing on the island where the journey is quite, the air is fresh. You and your friends ride across the shadowing ferry lane, HengSha fishing port, go to the see the beach with the sea wind blow through your face. What a cozy touring! So there is no doubt that island cycling has become an emerging tendency for outdoor activities. Blue sky, cloud on the sky and you guys’ cool equipment, I bet you must attract as much attention as you want! Thus, if you want to know more, please take a look at my introduction.


Information about Terry Bicycles Bella Knickers – Women’s Black/Pink, M

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Product Description

Terry Bicycles Bella Knickers – Women’s Black/Pink, M

The Bella Shorts, created by women’s bicycle designer Terry Bicycles, have become a few of the most popular women’s-specific bicycle shorts in the industry — for every sort of rider from racer to weekend warrior. Now the same textile technology and fit can be acquired as the knee-covering Bella Knickers. The Bella Knickers had been made of Meryl nylon. Meryl is an exceptionally lightweight, breathable fabric which allows the transfer of moisture through the epidermis to your not in the material so that it quickly evaporates. It also features a bacteriostatic function, thanks to silver ion content, which means that it inhibits the development of bacteria included in the skin. To phrase it differently, you won’t get stinky. The fabric received a matte finish, and a higher spandex content ensures that they’ll fit without extending, ride after trip. The 20in-long knickers function a 6-panel design with flat-stitched panels so you won’t chafe. The leading associated with the knickers are elastic-free with a second-skin fit. Finishing the construction of Bella knickers could be the Flex Air chamois. Produced in Italy utilizing Elastic Interface Technology (EIT), this will be a 4-way stretch insert that makes use of multi-density foam to give you support for the stay bones and padding for soft muscle areas. The address of the chamois is perforated for increased breathability. The Terry Bicycles Bella Knickers – Women’s are available in sizes X-Small to XX-Large as well as in the colors Black/pink and Black/grey.


  • Material: Meryl nylon, spandex
  • Fit: form fit
  • Inseam: 20 in
  • Chamois: yes, Flex Air
  • Chamois Thickness: [variable]

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Terry Bicycles

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Height: 100 hundredths-inches
Length: 1000 hundredths-inches
Weight: 45 hundredths-pounds
Width: 800 hundredths-inches


Terry Bicycles


Terry Bicycles





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Height: 100 hundredths-inches
Length: 1000 hundredths-inches
Weight: 45 hundredths-pounds
Width: 800 hundredths-inches

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Terry Bicycles




Terry Bicycles


Terry Bicycles Bella Knickers – Women’s Black/Pink, M



cycling for beginners

Multi tools for mountain biking

How to choose a cycling helmet?

1.Material — good at the density
Helmets are always made of foam material (of common or high density, and the difference exists in the anti-collision effect) and possessed with smooth surface.

How to choose a cycling helmet?

2.Weight — light
Anything put on the head cannot be too heavy — this is the reason why the material of cycling helmets isn’t the alloy. Most of the helmets’ weight is between 9 and 16 ounces, which is just a pound and even lighter! Attention: cheap helmets are always heavy.

choose a cycling helmet

3.Inner shirt — Washable
With the washable corduroy fabric or the antimicrobial pad added on your helmet, your helmet will keep clean and you will have a sense of coziness and freshness. A well-made helmet’s inner shirt has a wide coverage and a better texture, the interior of the helmet is also firmly glued. The velcro behind the inner shirt is convenient for washing, you soak your inner shirt into the water which was added with laundry detergent or detergent for several minutes, and then rub it slightly by your hands, rinse it with clean water and dry it, everything is OK then.

best cycling helmet

4.The comfort of wearing helmets — adjust your head circumference
In general, wearing cheap helmets is not a good choice for you to feel comfortable. It’s imperative to choose a suitable one in your cycling journey, besides, you can buy helmets in bike’s stores, where you are able to select in small, medium, large and also extensive size. If you want to purchase cheap ones, I’m afraid you may as well consider those in average size. You know, with a comfortable helmet in your riding journey, it will not only reduce the oppression from your neck and head to a large extent but also protect you from being struck to the maximum degree.

best cycling helmet

5.Air permeability — makes you feel dry
When you are in a long-distance riding journey, wearing a helmet is a sensible decision for you to keep your head dry. With more air vents on the helmets, more airflows gather above your helmets, thus you’ll feel cooler and more comfortable. Due to few vents, you’ll feel hotter if you wear cheap helmets. However, you’d better bear in mind one truth that with more vents on your helmets, the more you expose your head, thus no doubt that it will reduce the protection degree.
In hot weather days, you’d better wear antiperspirant band on your head, which will prevent sweats from dropping into your eyes. How about in cold weather days? We’d like to suggest that you’d better wear ear muffs or elastic and thin headscarf so as to keep warm inside. 

choose a cycling helmet

6.Category — to meet the need of biking
The half helmet can be divided into road bike helmet (no brim), mountain and road bike dual-purpose helmet (with removable hat). Some riders also use helmets that are like helmets for baseball or skating. Full face helmet is similar to the motorcycle helmet and is usually used by bike-trial enthusiasts. Hence, the category you choose also determines the prize of the helmet to some extent.

choose a cycling helmet

7.Design taste — human
There are various types of helmet. Some have plastic visors on the front to protect the eyes from sun and rain. Helmets with the brim can prevent the sun and with reflective signs can prevent mistakenly hit when riding at night. The more striking the color is at night, the easier it is for a car or other cyclist to see you.

choose a cycling helmet

Remember order the Terry Bicycles Bella Knickers – Women’s Black/Pink, M immediately and let cycling bring us more happiness and health.

Precautions for physical examination after falling down from the bike
1.The priority is to check the body, which is the basic to do the follow-up things. For example, you can move your body so see if the hands and feet are connected to the body, or if the bones pierce the skin which leads to hemorrhoea?If you find yourselves get hurt seriously, remember not to take a risk of acting alone. What you need to do is to get help to have medical treatment in the nearest hospitals, which reflects from the side that cycling alone is cool and incredible, while life matters most. The tragedy can refer to a recent event that a cyclist who moved alone lost contact with his team and died. In order to be safe for our own lives, we had batter find a cycling partner. If you finish checking your body and stand up successfully, even can lift the bike up, it proves that the surface of your body does not get hurt seriously. Besides, if you can walk, even cycle from the forest, it also shows that all your joints can be active and bear weight.
2. An effective way of judging whether your head seriously gets injured is to check your helmet to see if it was damaged obviously.”If you can remember this law after you crash the bike, it hasn’t been a break,” said Ross.”If you have a concussion, you will lose your sense of direction and feel confused. If you don’t even know where you are now, then it is already a break.”” But you need to figure out that if this is the true feelings because the brain will produce the substances that make you feel happy—endorphins. So you should stop for a while to distinguish whether you are ok.

As is known to all, our brand name products always have the quality to win; moreover, the products are reasonable priced. Therefore, we are praised by many customers for years, and we are responsible for every customer with practical pricing. As for its selling price, it’s definitely well worth the money. Why are you still hesitating? Just buy it now.

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