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Belly Blasting Workouts

Losing weight is not at all a difficult task for the people having the right information, at the right moment along with the right tools to use. Losing weight is one of the major concerns of the obese people these days because surplus weight not only makes them appear unattractive but also accompanies along some major health problems. According to various studies, maximum number of heart problems, diabetes and other ailments are found in the overweight people. Therefore, if you are storing surplus fat in your body, you need to follow some effective and healthy diet plans in addition to various weight loss exercises in order to reduce your weight.

Listed below are the top ten belly fat exercises that are proven to generate fruitful results.

1. Jogging

With the help of jogging, you will be able to reduce a considerable amount of weight by burning about 500-550 calories/hour. Apart from burning the calories, you will get enough time to think on various matters while jogging. This exercise will help you in shedding off extra pounds from your body along with building your stamina.

2. Yoga

By stretching your body while performing yoga exercises, you will be able to get a flat stomach along with a healthy mind and soul. After some time, you will notice a considerable change in your body. You will be burning near about 180-200 calories per hour and even more if you are undergoing more advanced positions and moves.

3. Walking

This is one of the easiest and effective exercises, helpful in burning your surplus body fat. Brisk walking is considered to be the best cardio exercise that not only helps in reducing your weight but also help in toning your legs, hips and stomach. Just by walking for about an hour, you will be able to burn 350-360 calories.

4. Swimming

Swimming is a fun loving and leisure exercise for your body especially during the summers. By swimming up and down the length of the pool, you will be able to burn around 800 calories in just an hour. Swimming not only helps in burning more calories but also helps in toning your entire body. You can learn new styles and strokes of swimming along with losing your surplus body weight.

5. Cycling

This is a real calorie burning exercise for the obese people as it is really helpful in burning 500-1000 calories per hour depending upon your cycling speed. People who are busy in their daily schedules can take the help of exercise bike in order to perform the cycling exercise. You can also ride a bicycle for going to nearby distances instead of traveling by your car.

6. Step Aerobics

Aerobic exercises mainly target the hips and leg region that are required to be toned. You can perform a combination of various aerobic exercises and split them over 2-3 sessions in order to generate effective results. By working out for about an hour, you will be able to burn 800-1000 calories from your body.

Therefore, these are some of the best belly trimming exercises that will help in shaping up your stomach in an effective manner.

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